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Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Frozen Yogurt Franchise – Why Choose Yogurt in Love?

Everything we love about frozen yogurt, and then some.

Yogurt in Love is the culmination of a love affair with this frozen dessert. We’ve been our own best researchers and critics, with tons of background research,  studying and developing a winning business model.

See our Frozen Yogurt Franchise Packages:

We are the only company that offers an affordable franchising package for the business owner that would like to open a frozen yogurt kiosk, shop, stand, or add to their current restaraunt/cafe. You can now get everything you need to get started in the frozen yogurt business including kiosk and top of the line frozen yogurt machines for less than the cost of that equipment. After reviewing our frozen yogurt franchise packages, you will be hard pressed to find any reason not to apply to become a Yogurt in Love franchisee.

Yogurt in Love packages include YIL machines, equipment, designs, architecture, products, and much more!

If you are in the market for a comprehensive start frozen yogurt business, and are considering a frozen yogurt supplier there are a few important metrics to consider: What is the product quality? What type of equipment do you need to buy and how much will it cost?

Yogurt in Love has premium frozen yogurt that is second to none. Also, Yogurt in Love is the only frozen yogurt franchise that also supplies frozen yogurt machines, POS systems, refrigerated toppings bars, and other equipment that you need to open a frozen yogurt shop.  Yogurt in Love allows you to provide premium frozen yogurt, innovative designs, and top of the line self-serve equipment to wow customers. Although it is true that our deadline for initial franchisees has passed, we remain very highly competative with our package pricing. Why are we offering our franchisee’s such an awesome deal? The reason is because we are new on the market, and our brand is not yet a worldwide icon – so now is the time to sign up and become part of a winning frozen yogurt franchise on the ground floor.

Branch out into something cool, fresh, and healthy. Yogurt in Love brings all this to the table and more. It’s a fun, dynamic, and tasty way to experience a sweet snack that’s doesn’t just taste good, it’s actually good for you.

Yogurt in Love is passion for our product and for the business of frozen yogurt. Our product is fantastic but more than that, our business plan is solid, from our marketing to the support we give our franchise owners. We’re always on the lookout for like-minded people, for people who want to start something new or want a fun addition to liven up their existing enterprise. We are in the business of spreading the love, for yogurt, that is.

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What’s so great about frozen yogurt?

As a dessert or a snack and as a business, we can’t sing frozen yogurt enough praises.

•It’s fun

Frozen yogurt a great way to experiment with flavors and textures.

•It’s fresh

A frozen yogurt dessert or snack is a great way to get your serving of fresh fruit.

•It’s possible to have a first, each time

With frozen yogurt the options are countless and ever evolving. A toppings bar selection can change to accommodate the newest flavors, the newest combinations, and all the good stuff and the not-so-good indulgences that usually go well with the cold and creamy treat.

So whether you are starting a small frozen yogurt stand, or a burgeoning multi-location frozen yogurt empire, Yogurt in Love has got you covered.


When people pass a frozen yogurt counter, it’s hard to resist. Besides, what’s better than an affordable indulgence both for the pocket and the waistline?


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